Mattresses and Lounges

Lounges and mattresses are best placed in a mattress bag or a lounge bag to reduce marks and dust. Woombye Self Storage has a range of sizes in extra heavy duty plastic covers.


Many stored items can be made smaller. Often you can reduce the size of bed frames to help everything fit more comfortably in your storage space. Wrap frames together with tape (use the non-sticky side for no tape residue). Place any screws in plastic bags and tape them to the frame.


Electrical equipment should be handled with care. Original boxes are the best location to store these goods. A moving blanket wrapped around your television will also keep it safe and secure. Removal of all batteries from remotes is a must.

Washing Machines

Washing machines should be drained of all water and dried of all moisture to avoid mould. When in storage the door should be left slightly open.

Fridges and Freezers

Fridges and freezers need to be emptied of any food. No food is allowed to be stored. The fridge/freezer, once emptied, should be dried of all moisture. When in storage the door should be left slightly open.


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Moving Boxes